Zimbabwe Theatre Academy

The Zimbabwe Theatre Academy (ZTA) is an important national launch pad for new theatre makers in Zimbabwe. The primary focus of this actor/creator training program is to identify talent with true potential and provide specialized training and experience for them, consequently strengthening the skills of young theatre professionals and to generate new contemporary Zimbabwean theatre makers.

The objective of the actors-training is to provide an investigation and performance center for professional ensemble training in the craft and discipline of acting in Zimbabwe. The Academy also focuses on re-establishing professional performance skills and play creation training in the local industry, therefore providing fresh impetus for creativity and the creation of young actor/creators.

The main emphasis of the actors training is on using the body as a universal tool for expression that can communicate across cultures and verbal language without any restrictions. The actors training is about provoking the student to take risks, aesthetically and physically and communicating thoughts and feelings clearly and naturally through their bodies and movements or gestures, and not constantly relay on words.

The Zimbabwe Theatre Academy is developed as an alternative means of uplifting the lives of marginalized young people in our Zimbabwean societies. This will enable these talented young artists to take charge of their own lives so as to enhance meaningfully participation in community developmental issues through the theatre.

The development of the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy was also inspired by the need to provide a unique outlet for our youth and our community to show what amazing inspiration, stories and dreams, giving equal priority across the gender divide and any other form of marginalization.

Zimbabwe Theatre Academy Seeks To:


Develop a body of new and young Zimbabwean theatre creators.


Provide an ideal platform for global interaction and integration and an avenue for employment creation.


Contribute to the rejuvenation and professionalization of theatre practice in Zimbabwe.


Bridge the training divide between the community and the university.

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